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Business Intelligence

+Mitigate is dedicated to curbing the risk associated with investments in the corporate world. We provide clients with real-time,tailor-made expertise in hostile environments.


In a world of information overload, +Mitigate provide carefully selects and curates data obtained from research and investigations contributing to best outcome decision-making.

+Mitigate provides

  • Business intelligence
  • Due diligence
  • Background check
  • Pre-hire & pre-deal check
  • Investment opportunities evaluation
  • Stakeholders mapping and analysis
  • Financial information research and analysis
  • Counterfeiting research

Example: providing a clear picture of a potential foreign partner as it is unclear for an investor who are the stakeholders and if no political interests are part of this organisation. +Mitigate may then identify the hidden key people and governmental influence avoiding the investor to move to an uncertain strategy.

mitigate information


+Mitigate rapidly pieces together disparate data into a single cohesive intelligent picture, identifying key people, events, connections, patterns and trends to enhance understanding of an issue.

+Mitigate provides

  • Litigation support & dispute mediation
  • Legal investigation
  • Financial investigation
  • Anti-fraud & anti-corruption investigation
  • Internal audit & investigation
  • Data theft & data beach investigation
  • Assets & funds research and recovery
  • Forensic
  • Due diligence

Example: finding and helping the recovery of the hidden assets in various European and Asian countries in a multimillion conflict. +Mitigate managed to discover all bank accounts and most hidden real estate through a multiple complex blind trust organisation.

Risk Mitigation

+Mitigate provides its clients consulting and support in order to secure their investments in hostile environment and at risk countries. We also provide solutions to secure critical situations.

+Mitigate provides

  • Threats identification & analysis
  • Risk management & business continuity consulting
  • Securing assets & people
  • Travel security consulting
  • Evacuation plans
  • Crisis management
  • Crisis communication

Example: validating the banking documents provided by a potential investor upon request of a law firm working on a large investment deal. +Mitigate carried out investigations and risk assessments and did demonstrate that no funds were available at the attached bank and that the investor was putting the operation at risk.

mitigate risk mitigation
mitigate business diplomacy

Business Diplomacy

In a fast-changing world, +Mitigate helps companies to adapt, develop and secure businesses and investments in all markets, wherever they are.

+Mitigate provides

  • Market entry / International business development
  • Access to risk countries
  • Intermediation & contract negotiation support
  • Lobbying and influence
  • Stakeholders networks analysis
  • Advising & training on cultural differences and best practices
  • Compliance audit and management

Example: After a successful bid for a large construction project in Eastern Europe, helping the contractor to understand why the contract was not signed and when it should. +Mitigate has identified the issues using its local network of contacts and was able to point out the right tasks to move forward to the signature and its related payments.

Cyber Crime

+Mitigate has a strong reputation in the fight against industrial espionage, from hacking to cyber-terrorism and identifying theft, which are increasingly threatening the stability of SMEs and large corporate organisations as well.

We can therefore identify and minimise cyber risks, as well as carry out ongoing penetrative tests and forensics to monitor IT security systems.

We focus on an aggressive preventative approach providing consulting, analysis, response and countermeasures.

Mitigate provides

  • Counter espionage using Electronic Security Operation or Computer Security Operation (ESO / CSO or dusting) controls
  • Data protection audit
  • Ethical hacking and pentesting
  • Mobile and computer forensics and protection
  • Room securing
  • Personal data and identity theft protection
  • Hardware & software security solutions (voice and messaging)

Example: securing a campaign head office during general elections. +Mitigate did secure few rooms in order to avoid any leaks and any communication lost or potential espionage.

cybercrime protection