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From big firm to one-of-a-kind companies, +Mitigate supports businesses of all types and sizes.

We aim to support your business as easy and secure as possible and we’ll supportyou the entire way.
Read testimonials and reviews from just some of the people we have helped.

What our Clients have said

We have a diverse range of customers, from many countries and they all have a common goal, to grow their business on a secure way mitigating risks as much as possible.

I have never expected someone capable of learning so much of my business in so little time and bringing me so much information I did not know about my own company and without having a single meeting within the company

AB – France

… you managed to recover hidden assets and lost accounts in four different countries   in a very short time…

CC – London

Thank you for your diligence and discretion to identify the leak in our R&D department at such a critical moment of our investment strategy

WF – Geneva

Who are our clients?

Law Firms

From its very early days +Mitigate has been heavily involved with Law Firms providing information and advice to benefit the clients.

We provide you with deep due diligence behind the classical financial analysis, investigation, litigation or disputes support, identity and data thefts, background checks, anti-money laundering, sourcing origin of funds, finding evidence of counterfeiting and forensics and post-morten research.

mitigate law firm

Bank, Financial institutions & Insurances

+Mitigate works with banks, financial institutions, hedge funds, investment banks and insurance companies. We provide data, due diligence, background checks and join forces on anti-money laundering, sourcing origin of funds, identity and data thefts.

Large Corporate Businesses

+Mitigate helps to protect, identify and mitigate corporate risk. We provide due diligence, financial investigation, sourcing origin of funds and background checks.

We can support new market entry, international business development, lobbying and influence, as well as intermediation and business diplomacy. We can advise on contract negotiation and network intelligence, and have been involved in fighting fraud, counterfeiting issues, identity and data theft and security-related subjects from risk management consulting to security audit, crisis communication, crisis management, business continuity and travel security tracking.

mitigate Large Corporate Businesses
mitigate Small & Medium Enterprises

Small & Medium Enterprises

Espionage and cybercrime can severely damages, if not destroy, SMEs. We support clients protecting their critical data, assisting business development, and providing third-party information. We do this through due diligence, sourcing origin of funds, identity and data thefts, and background checks.

We can also help clients grown in foreign markets using lobbying and influence as well as intermediation or business diplomacy.

Governments & NGO's

+Mitigate can support governments, public administration bodies and Non Governmental Organisations in a highly confidential manner including tracking and monitoring of citizens (employees, expats or special envoys) in high-risk countries.

mitigate governments
mitigate private client

Private Clients

+Mitigate can support high-value individuals facing various risks & assaults, including cybercrime as well as close protection services.

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