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Close Protection

With highly qualified & experienced staff and agents, +Mitigate Security provide close protection & bodyguard services for short term or long term commitments for high value individuals, company senior executives or protection services in hostile countries.

+Mitigate provides

  • Close protection for short and long term operations for high-level manager or high visibility individuals.
  • Close protection and security services in hostile environment or high risk countries.
  • Security services over business trip as well as sensitive goods or materials
  • Close protection at work or at home
  • Protection services in Europe, over travels as well as over any risk country
close protection
close protection body gards

Our agents are all coming from military background in the Special Forces from UK or France. But also from some police forces or any official close protection services from these governments. All our agents are duly certified and properly trained. We operate in total discretion and deliver our protection services efficiently and with reactivity.

We can also propose and deliver tracking solutions to maintain a 24/7 monitoring of high-risk individuals or employees.

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