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Close Protection & Security Services

+Mitigate Security is dedicated to lessening the risks associated with global investments, the movement of personnel & all aspects of running international businesses. +Mitigate Security enables its clients to carry out day to day activities safely & securely whether in high risk countries or
feeling unsecure at home.

With highly qualified and experienced staff and agents, +Mitigate Security provide close protection and bodyguard services for short term or long term commitments for high value individuals, company senior executives or protection services in hostile countries.

+Mitigate security understand the need of providing a secure working environment, particularly when a client’s worksites are geographicaly exposed. Our security solutions are based on a deep ground analysis of the requirements as well as mitigating all potential risks and may integrate static, mobile or technological security elements. 

Maritime crime and piracy has evolved from kidnap and ransom in the Gulf of Aden to trading hijacked oil cargo in Southeast Asia and the Gulf of Guinea. +Mitigate Security can provide appropriate responses in these new high-risk regions. +Mitigate Security’s services allow the ship’s crew to carry out duties safely and securely.

Because the security of strategic data has become a reality, because the international development is increasing security concerns of personnel, because the complexity of new market access is now also a preoccupation of small & medium businesses, +Mitigate, with years of experience, is offering audit & advice, transfer of know-how and dedicated training, to sensitise top management & staff but also government and NGO’s about these security issues.

We provide security tracking technology using both satellite and GSM communications. With our products and platforms we simplify data and manage more effectively personnel, vehicle fleets and improve emergency response time.