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With over 20 years of experience in the world’s highest risk areas we are uniquely positioned to take on the challenges faced by our clients in Security and Fleet Management. With our partner products and platforms we help simplify data, more effectively manage vehicle fleets and improve emergency response time.

We provide security tracking technology using both satellite and GSM communications.


To keep track of personnel operating across multiple locations in a frontier market, we use our own tracking devices and web-based systems to help clients source critical information more quickly. This allows for more effective actions and an overall improvement employee resource planning.


We use smart technology to help identify careless driving behaviour, improve a client’s team’s performance, and to monitor their progress over time. Our platform helps aggregate and analyse critical data to improve vehicle fleets.


This builds a clearer picture of an operating environment: our technology collates data from the news, social media, security reports and spreadsheets, and consolidates the information into a single platform to help keep people and assets safe.

mitigate traking
mitigate traking


Who needs a T24 technology powered by +Mitigate,

  • High value target or highly exposed individual
  • Expatriate and his/her family in risk countries
  • Private military contractors
  • Lawyers or employees traveling in hostile country of at risk region
  • Large vehicle fleet management department

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