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Anti-piracy & Maritime Security

Maritime crime & piracy has evolved from kidnap and ransom in the Gulf of Aden to trading hijacked oil cargo in Southeast Asia and the Gulf of Guinea. +Mitigate Security can provide appropriate responses in these new high-risk regions. +Mitigate Security’s services allow the ship’s crew to carry out duties safely & securely.

+Mitigate Security offers protection to private clients travelling on super yachts and other vessels handling a range of unique security concerns. Our base in the harbour of Valletta, Malta, is ideally situated in the heart of the Mediterranean.

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Maritime Security

  • Superyacht security consulting & provision security crew.
  • Maritime intelligence
  • Maritime risk analysis & security planning
  • Security audits for vessels and Oil & Gas platforms


  • Anti-piracy audit and consulting
  • Provision of armed or non-armed anti-piracy crew
  • Anti-piracy training courses and certifications
  • Kidnap and ransom consultancy.

Our suggested on-board security teams will be made up of one team leader, one deputy and two operators including a sniper and a medic. Many come from a military background in the Special Forces.

Consulting & Monitoring

  • MPSO security consulting
  • Communication security consulting
  • 24/7 security monitoring services and emergency hotline
  • +Mitigate tracking & monitoring system.

Training & Transfer of know how

  • Anti-piracy training courses & certifications
  • Emergency training
  • Crisis management.


All our operators have the following training and certifications:

  • SSO (Ship Security Officer) and MSO (Maritime Security Operator) certified
  • PDSD (Proficiency in Designated Security Duties)
  • MFCC (Maritime Firearms Competency Certificate)
  • FPOS (First Person On Scene)
  • SIA (Security Industry Authority)
  • SEAMAN Books
  • Medical training

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